friends for more is a platform for making new friends. The 21st century challenges us to meet more people in person and fewer virtual friends. Solitude is imminent and recurring at certain moments of life. We can anticipate or take action to solve people’s loneliness.

That is our purpose: risking new friends and exciting people who turn our lives into a collective project. We take the first push, our clients just have to take the first step.

Sign up and access real opportunities. Whoever is with us seeks friends for more ... more time, more conviviality, more affection and attention, more common interests and more joy.


Dynamization of group activities to customers identified and registered in friends for more platform.

Creation of combinations among people with similar characteristics in terms of age, area of residence, cultural interests, culinary interests, hobbies, and so on.

Promoting initial and intermediate collective moments until new friendships are created, always with the support of a friend matcher.

Integrating activities of tourists or foreigners residing in Portugal, to facilitate the creation of networks of social relations.


Maria José Rola

Founder & Friend Matcher

Ana Carla Garcia

Friend Matcher xxxxxxxxxx

Cândida Calçada

Friend Matcher xxxxxxxxxx