Subscribe to the friends for more platform. To make your registration we will need some personal information and consent to use your information for the purposes of the platform. Our goal is to put in contact people with common interests, which is why we need to know our customers.


After registered, the following step is a face-to-face interview or via Skype, depending on distance. Our headquarters is in Porto City but with the possibility of gathering in the Porto metropolitan area. We prefer face-to-face meetings in public spaces to make you feel more comfortable. If it's an online interview, we are sure to achieve the goal of capturing your essence. Don't worry.


After we get to know each other, the objective will be to make the framing of your interests with the best group of people and in the context that most closely matches your preferences. It can be a themed dinner, a walk, a visit to a monument, an intimate concert, a weekend retreat or what we feel is better, for us and you. What you can't miss is a group of eight people at a minimum, your friend matcher and a relaxed atmosphere where we can all talk.


The next step will be the exchange of contacts among the participants and make friendships born from that moment on. We will continue to strengthen ties, by promoting new meeting moments, in the light of the interest shown. On the platform, each participant will give his feedback, choosing the elements with whom he would like to keep on meeting and classifying the event in a comprehensive way. There's always room to give your opinion and to keep in touch with your friendsmatcher!